Diablo 4 Pulverize Druid Leveling Guide



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#Diablo4 #Maxroll #Blizzard #druid #pulverizer 00:00 Introduction 00:44 Skills & Aspects 15:34 Spirit Boons, Items Stats & Gems - Druid Leveling: 🤍d4builds.gg/builds/be41683e-bd21-450b-a0d1-d36500273f7e/ Leveling & Endgame Builds Doc: 🤍docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xk9AL3RKhwqbb2Mr-msXofCQztU7KMCjURqnqqCzlm8/edit#gid=91390096 - Diablo 4 Guides Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Guide - 🤍youtu.be/7krZK5qpIag Biggest Leveling Mistakes - 🤍youtu.be/2qfSrYsU8S8 Lucky Hit Explained - 🤍youtu.be/0ZwyNk2DVQU World Tiers Explained - 🤍youtu.be/XA0iOACzjYE Subscribe/Follow me here, or on any of my other channels! :) Youtube 🎥 ► 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCs20qCPrd1AXRviSTdVCoAg/join Twitch 📺 ► 🤍🤍twitch.tv/raxxanterax Free Sub with Prime! Twitter 🐔 ►🤍🤍twitter.com/raxxanterax Stream/Video Updates! Instagram 📸 ► 🤍🤍instagram.com/rax_xanterax Mostly Food Pics! Discord 🍻 ► 🤍discord.gg/JXF4TTY Join the Community! Donate 💸 ► 🤍paypal.me/raxxanterax Buy me Chipotle! 🌯 Check out Maxroll on the platforms below: Web 📚 ► 🤍maxroll.gg Youtube 🎥 ► 🤍youtube.com/maxrollgg Twitter 🐔 ► 🤍twitter.com/maxrollgg Discord 🍻 ► 🤍discord.gg/HDgzW33

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Diablo 4 Pulverize Druid Leveling Guide
Diablo 4 Pulverize Druid Leveling Guide
Diablo 4 Pulverize Druid Leveling Guide
Diablo 4 Pulverize Druid Leveling Guide
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Christopher Whitley
2023-08-24 22:22:43

This still hold up after the patch?

2023-07-27 19:45:57

Your engame version is total complete garbage, first mobs I encountered coming out of Ked killed me 3 times, never touching your stuff again.

2023-07-21 21:17:40

Will you updating your druid build with S1 changes? Also what weapons were you using with this build? a single handed weapon or a 2 handed weapon?

2023-07-21 10:20:29

@raxxanterax still valid in S1? appreciate it!!

Ethan McQuaid
2023-07-21 04:47:40

Great work my man! Definitely getting a sub from me.

2023-07-20 20:49:24

I'm having so much fun with this, thank you❤

Jake Morrow
2023-07-16 18:53:49

Newer to Diablo so please excuse me if the question seems dumb.

I completed the campaign on my sorceress. And I have been preparing for season 1. My plan is to play as a Druid.

Should I go unlock these codex aspects for the build now to have for levels once I get some decent armor? Or should I wait and run the dungeons in the season?

2023-07-15 16:50:41

17 damage ref was godly ❤

2023-07-11 11:45:22

Hey, please bear with me if these are elementary questions...
(1) What's the best approach if you can't add the Aspect of Quicksand to your boots while you are still building your character? For e.g. Is it okay to add it to your chest armour instead or put Aspect of the Ursine Horror on a weapon instead of a ring? Can you correct these decisions later when you're at a higher level & is sticking to the options provided while imprinting a safe bet?

(2) I found the Shockwave ring (a legendary ring with 528 power) at level 52, but there's no codex of power entry for the Shockwave Aspect. How can I make the most of it between levels 50-100 and in later games? Should I keep the ring as it is for now, and when is the best time to extract and add it to a higher power ring for maximum advantage?

(3 ) Could you create a video explaining fortify? I'm struggling to understand how to prioritize it in my druid pulverize build. I'm particularly getting hit hard by poison right now. Not sure yet if I should focus on adding rubies or sapphires to my armour's for better protection?

Lucius Verus
2023-07-10 08:39:56

Thank you Raxx 😊

2023-07-10 04:45:47

Wow, how are you not more well-known in the Diablo community? I stumbled upon your channel just six hours ago thanks to YouTube's recommendations, and I have to give you a massive shoutout! Your 'level 100 on all classes video' was very insightful. Seriously, thank you!

Unlike most YouTubers, your videos are straightforward and easy to understand. No confusing jargon or vague explanations. That's a breath of fresh air, especially for newcomers. Your content is a HUGE help, no doubt about it.

I also appreciate how you don't solely focus on the higher-level stuff like Uber Lilith or Nightmare 500 dungeon builds. Instead, you took the time to share insights on the "correct way" to level up from 0-50. That's invaluable for beginners. Thank you for that!

I genuinely hope you keep making these fantastic videos. Your knowledge and clarity are exactly what the Diablo community needs. Keep up the great work, and know that your efforts are truly appreciated.

2023-07-06 19:00:07

This build has helped me so much! It's very OP. Unfortunately it does get stale after a while but if youre stuck as a Druid, this will get you out of your predicament!

Nathalie St-Onge
2023-07-02 18:20:55

Went from companions build to this one and its way more fun. Thank you Raxx! <3

2023-06-28 00:49:28

Level 1: No Skills
Level 2: Storm Strike
Level 3: Enhanced Storm Strike
Level 4: Pulverize
Level 5: Enhanced Pulverize
Level 6: Primal Pulverize
Level 7: Fierce Storm Strike
Level 8: Blood Howl
Level 9: Enhanced Blood Howl
Level 10: Innate Blood Howl
Level 11: Pulverize 2
Level 12: Pulverize 3
Level 13: Poison Creeper or Grizzly Rage
Level 14: Pulverize 4
Level 15: Pulverize 5
Level 16: Earthen Bulwark
Level 17: Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
Level 18: Preserving Earthen Bulwark
Level 19: Trample
Level 20: Enhanced Trample
Level 21: Natural Trample
Level 22: Enhanced Poison Creeper or Prime Grizzly Rage
Level 23: Ferocious Poison Creeper or Supreme Grizzly Rage
Level 24: Heart of the Wild
Level 25: Abundance
Level 26: Abundance 2
Level 27: Abundance 3
Level 28: Clarity
Level 29: Clarity 2
Level 30: Clarity 3
Level 31: Wild Impulses
Level 32: Wild Impulses 2
Level 33: Wild Impulses 3
Do the dungeon that changes Pulverize into an Earth skill
Level 34: Crushing Earth
Level 35: Ursine Strength Passive
Level 36: Safeguard
Level 37: Safeguard 2
Level 38: Safeguard 3
Level 39: Stone Guard
Level 40: Stone Guard 2
Level 41: Stone Guard 3
Level 42: Defiance
Level 43: Defiance 2
Level 44: Defiance 3
Level 45: Natural Disaster
Level 46: Natural Disaster 2
Level 47: Natural Disaster 3
Level 48: Resonance
Level 49: Resonance 2
Level 50: Resonance 3
Level 51: Predatory Instinct
Level 52: Predatory Instinct 2
Level 53: Predatory Instinct 3
Level 54: Crushing Earth 2
Level 55: Crushing Earth 3
Level 56: Neurotoxin (if you go with Poison Creeper) otherwise, free point
Level 57: Envenom (if you go with Poison Creeper) otherwise, free point
Level 58: Envenom 2 (if you go with Poison Creeper) otherwise, free point
Level 59: Envenom 3 (if you go with Poison Creeper) otherwise, free point

2023-06-23 22:19:32

Still waiting on the skele necro and bow rogue guides mentioned to be coming soon in this video…

2023-06-23 04:08:56

I just found the tornado seek ability… do I just scrap pulverize??

David Wilkow
2023-06-21 00:33:56

Yeah Rexx, I still do not understand what the prioritys are for armor and weapons? How would you reank your stats on each?

Federico Medina
2023-06-20 02:02:07

This guide was exactly what I needed. Thanks Rax!

David Wilkow
2023-06-17 15:16:40

Great video, I use this build with a lot of success. Was wondering if you could make a recommendation on what stats should be on the gear? What should we focus on?

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