THIS is how I turned my Trap assassin into the OP "mosaic sin" ! Diablo 2 resurrected



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#diablo2resurrected #diablo2 #d2r In this diablo 2 resurrected episode, I turned my Trapsin into a Godly "mosaic sin" in less than a week. Subscribe & turn on the bell to see the next video! if you have any questions, post in the comment section :) How to start ladder season with an assassin (guide video) ➡️🤍🤍 Another Diablo 2 Resurrected video : The best sorc build for terror zones! ➡️🤍🤍 Playlist : I do not own any copyrights of thoses songs, no copyrights intended, all credits goes to : 1/ Valesco - All I Need [Royalty Free Music] ➡️🤍🤍 Valesco 🤍 🤍🤍 2/ Xublime - Ocean [Argofox Release] ➡️🤍🤍 Music provided by Argofox: Xublime - Ocean 3/ Punch Deck - By Force ➡️🤍🤍 🤍🤍 🤍 🤍 Download link to song wav file: 🤍🤍

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THIS is how I turned my Trap assassin into the OP
THIS is how I turned my Trap assassin into the OP
THIS is how I turned my Trap assassin into the OP
THIS is how I turned my Trap assassin into the OP
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Rene Angler
2023-08-25 17:44:23

Cool video )

Peter Griffinson
2023-07-01 04:02:40

Can cow drop 3 phoenix strike 3 blade of ice base?

Derrick Lundberg
2023-05-19 14:15:37

What do you build for skills in your MA assassin?
I see torn videos about kicks and skills, and dragon claws,
I want to be able to mf well, but mostly be able to participate in ubers and handle dclone...
Do i have to max the kick?
Or do i mostly focus the elements?
What about masteries and block?
How much is too much claw mastery if kick is the focus?

So much info out there, very little of it is post season 4

Charles Hartlen
2023-05-14 14:51:12

Bro...the editing in this f**ing video is tight AF. The music, the cuts, and the voice overs make it so good. Also who is that girl in the black dancing "you want this?" she is hot AF

2023-05-10 00:35:59

why not use 2x +3 claws? or crescent moon is probably more dmg than hoto

2023-05-08 12:27:02

I'm Curious man how do you get to tank in the chaos sanctuary and other enemies your mercenary seems not dying in the later of the video, right now my merch has treachery and bulwark at level 84, is it because ur using CTA? bigger life pool?

2023-05-07 22:15:46

I already have a sunder charm, where should I farm since countess is very long before I reach her because sin doesnt have teleport, should I do pit and tz area? I already have like lore rhyme and cresent moon and insight in merc lvl 82 here

2023-05-06 23:59:55

man how do you farm without sunder charm first? its hard

2023-04-28 21:03:10

Your video's are so cool !!

Mike Azdaar
2023-04-08 02:39:22

edit skill are supper!

2023-03-29 04:59:58

what shield are you using? Its not lidness or grim shield.

Postedinthe Cut
2023-03-18 05:13:55

love the vids man good work

The Worldly Warrior
2023-03-13 06:17:28

softcore characters are for soft people

2023-03-13 05:21:58

Love your video edits!

Bob Jackson
2023-03-09 21:55:13

I kind of want to make one of these but i know its getting nerfed so why bother.

Ant J
2023-03-09 07:33:21

Where did you farm the most starting out?

2023-03-07 15:51:12

Bro you had two guls that was your mosaic sin there. That’s all you need.

2023-03-07 15:48:17

My Mosaic with tgod gets tickled by those souls.

Sydney Dell
2023-03-06 17:03:27

LOL WTF IS THIS GARBAGE. by using 2 mosaic claws? Gtfo

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