This Wind DRUID build is busted !! Diablo 2 resurrected



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#diablo2resurrected #diablo #d2r In this diablo 2 resurrected episode, I showcase my wind druid. It's an end-game build which requires high tier items to shine at P8 but it melts anything at P1 even with just a few decent items, hope you enjoy the video, subscribe & turn on the bell for more videos. skill tree: MAX hurricane MAX tornado MAX twister MAX cyclone armor 1 point artic blast / raven / spirit wolf / summon dire wolf / summon grizzly Remaining points in oak sage budget gear: Helm = peasent crown, lore (runeword), shako, +3ele / 20fcr circlet or rare 2druid/20fcr circlet chest = vipermagi, stealth or smoke or lionheart " runewords amu = rare crafted amu +1-2druid skill/10fcr+, magic 3elemental amu 10fcr, low mara 2x rings = 10fcr rings with some usefull stats (mana life MF str dex resists) or dwarf, raven gloves = magefist or trangoul belt = thundergod, string, verdungo or rare 24fhr/50+life belt boots = aldur boots, rare boots 30frw + resists shield = spirit monarch weapon = suicide branch, wiz spike or spirit sword weapon switch = naj staff or staff with teleport charges If you have any questions - comment section ! Crazy finds with WW Barb, JAW-DROPPING session ! 300 Chaos runs ➡️🤍🤍 If you own the copyright of content in this video and would like it to be removed, please contact me at ilovemf🤍 thank you. I do not own any copyrights of these songs, no copyrights intended, all credits goes to : 1/ (No Copyright Music) Midnight Cyperpunk [Trailer Music] by MokkaMusic / Midnight Track: Midnight Cyperpunk [Trailer Music] by MokkaMusic / Midnight ➡️🤍🤍 • (No Copyright Mus... Music provided by "MokkaMusic" channel and 🤍 2/ Punch Deck - By Force ➡️🤍🤍 🤍🤍 🤍 🤍 Download link to song wav file: 🤍🤍 3/ Perk Pietrek & Abstrakt - Pressure [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. ➡️🤍🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍

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This Wind DRUID build is busted !! Diablo 2 resurrected
This Wind DRUID build is busted !! Diablo 2 resurrected
This Wind DRUID build is busted !! Diablo 2 resurrected
This Wind DRUID build is busted !! Diablo 2 resurrected
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Rafaels Sancess
2023-08-29 22:39:00

Great video, thanks! Can you explain one thing - why are you using Andaries on merc instead of G-face?

2023-08-19 02:03:58

Heyy! Loved it! Its my first time playing diablo 2 and let alone a Druid! I'm running those skills and its amazing! I was wondering how you are able to teleport and also where did you find that beautiful charm that remove physical defences 😭 I need one in my life! I'm playing in "ladder?" Hardcore xD

2023-07-06 08:17:31

What is build point location ?

2023-05-11 23:18:54

My act 5 merc uses Lawbringer + Azurewrath and i love the combo ^^

Eagle Breasts
2023-05-02 03:27:12

It is indeed pathetic lol another SOJ or a MF ring would be better. You lose damage/MF% for a few extra seconds? 😂
"Why are you running, why are you running?!"

Nick Stasi
2023-04-28 17:26:13

Editing, flow, audio clips, EXPLANATIONS!! BRO YOU GONNA GO FAR ((TIP middle ground music) or most popular to public))

2023-04-19 15:57:11

lol seems like the merc is putting in the most work. merc kills some elites before you can even get a tornado off

2023-04-18 10:47:16

Most underrated and unique channel for d2r, thank you for making me laugh and better at this game sir, pls never stop making videos 💪❤️

robert Zimmerle
2023-04-12 21:20:15

Iv found a 3 max dam 19 AR SC and got sad lol still kept it though

Old World Blues
2023-04-12 16:33:21

Um... I'm pretty sure that the 163fcr will do very little in terms of dmg, because Tornado has a Next Hit Delay of 25 frames. That basically means that an enemy can only be damaged by a tornado once every second.

2023-04-11 07:32:32

skill points ?

Daniel B
2023-04-10 07:27:23

Imagine being a poor druid without enigma being forced to walk around 😢

Raphael Gaß
2023-04-09 19:51:56

Nice bro :-). Guess u got the taxi for my Pal yesterday (Zenrah) 🎉

2023-04-07 17:29:14

Hey man! great video as usual. Are you going to keep playing D2R now that your holy grail is done and D4 is coming?

2023-04-07 04:51:48

great video, i love how you put history in the videos like with how soj's were the currency back in the day. cool to see you played back then as well. thanks for supporting diablo 2.

Oleg Stadnik
2023-04-06 18:28:13

Amazing video, as always. And I finally rolled -55infinity scythe for my sorc and then stopped playing.

Kraggis Courts
2023-04-06 09:58:30

That “back in the day” sign pains me. Found my first ever bnet WF the other day and “if” I can sell it I will be lucky to get 2 ists….

2023-04-06 05:15:49

Lol man 4 max 20 ar and that 11 resist 14 life would worth so much if he was playing sc those ar gfg pvp stuff

2023-04-05 19:28:11

TWO 5os eth BA in one session?! That's nuts.
A little low on the MF, it kinda shows - no TC87s but some nice bases!
I think for p8 farming you should really drop an FCR breakpoint and get a ton of DR instead like Stormshield or COA and/or Dungo's. Don't greed and die 😂

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